Wohlenberg Sprinter 7011 Gatherer (1998)

Gathering Machine
Current State: In production
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Age: 1998
Max.Size: 46 x 32 cm (18 x 12 inch)

Latest Enquiry for this machine was from Serbia.

Technical Description:

Wohlenberg Sprinter 7011 gatherer
16 stations
Gatherer-Collator only <> Signature formats:
lenght min. 105 mm., lenght max. 460 mm.,
width min. 75 mm., width max. 320 mm., thich
max. 4 mm. <> The maximum opening of the
chanell is 80 mm <> Manually coupling station
for block pairing <> The gathered blocks are
eliminated by CRISCROS system ; <> Cheking
and diagnosing electronic device
OPTICONTROL. <> aximum chanel opening 80
mm <> max thicknes of the signature 4mm <>
Opti control installed

Located: Europe Eastern

Current State: In production

Available: Immediately

Price: EUR 40,000 LOT

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