Muller Martini Diamant MC 60 (2012)

Case-Binding Machine
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Dealer Ref.# GV98115

Age: 2012
Max.Size: 66 x 48 cm (25 x 18 inch)
Impress.Count: mio

Latest Enquiry for this machine was from Austria.


Technical Description:
System: Muller Martini Diamant RHE 613 E, Preloading conveyor, Backing and Rounding unit, Headbanding station, Pressing station, Case feeder with magazine and preloading belt, Doble-Case control at Case Feeder, Casing-in unit, Type: Muller Martini EP 680 L, Year: 2013, Type: Muller Martini BLSD 650, Mechanical speed max: 60 cycles/min

Located: Europe Western

Available: Immediately

Price: On Request

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