Formica MOP 750 pallet turning machine (Unkn.)

Pile Turning Machine
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Technical Description:

Formica MOP 750 pallet turning machine
The device is fully functional, ready to work.
Perfect condition, like new!

Formica MOP 750 stack turner devices eliminate the inefficient manual turning of the stack of sheets, most common in printers, resulting in back and wrist injuries. This process can be shortened to less than a minute, which saves up to 20 times, significantly reducing the risk of injury.

They are the only devices for turning the stack that do not put pressure on the stacking paper and thus prevent the transfer of printing to the adjacent sheets.

Technical data:
Stack height max approx 110cm
Sheet size up to B1
Max load 750 kg

The device does not need electric power to work, the lack of electricity and hydraulics eliminates any defects. Work with the device is fast and intuitive.
Production Czech Republic under a US license.
Formica is a manufacturer of Foliant machines.

Located: Europe Central

Current State: In stock

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