Heidelberg XL 105-6LX3-UV IST sold in Italy


A second Heidelberg XL105-6LX3-UV IST has been sold from Camporese to Scatolificio Cristina owned by Pusterla 1880 Group that attesting to a renewal of confidence in Camporese Staff. This machine is specifically dedicated to print on plastic material. The machine has been fully refurbished to zero impressions on Camporese Refurbishment Center of Limena - Padova A lot of very deep print tests have been carried on the machine with successful fully satisfying the customer expectations in a so difficult job to print on plastic material. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your confidence in us. Camporese, the synonym of guarantee for second hand Heidelberg machines: More then 1300 Heidelberg Speedmaster units refurbished at Zero Copy and installed only in the last 10 years !

Photos: See in Left

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